“I came to Mr. Delaney with a mess of a case. I was not being represented well, if at all, by another attorney and decided that it was time to find someone who would handle my matters on a more personal and professional level. I needed my truth told and heard by the opposition. I needed the opposition to acknowledge their fault and render a just compensation for their negligence and my pain and suffering.

After more than a few interviews with different attorneys, I sat across from someone who didn’t sound like anyone I had spoken to before. That person was Montgomery Delaney. He listened and heard that I was in trouble and needed a strong voice to make sense of what had truly become, in my opinion, a lost cause. After hearing the specifics of my case Mr. Delaney and his staff worked diligently to prepare my case. Throughout the process Mr. Delaney let me know that I wasn’t just some client. He let me know that we were a team. He stayed loyal like family. He was my big brother. Like a man that came to defend his family. Like a nobleman.

Other than my father, I have never been in the presence of such great command, wisdom and intelligence. Mr. Delaney, you are my living hero. I can’t thank you enough! ”

– David P. , Yonkers, NY


“I entrusted my child’s welfare and future to you and you treated her as your own. You made something positive out of something that was so negative. We cannot thank you enough. God bless you.”

-Michael P. , Highland, NY


“Words cannot express how grateful that I am for your help. It was a long haul but you stuck with it and changed my life. I will never forget what you did for us.”

-Joe S., White Plains, NY


“Retaining you was certainly the correct decision… . Turning from victim to plaintiff in the legal process is a challenge… . Watching you work within the legal system restored my faith in how the system is supposed to work. In closing, seeing my wife give Mr. Delaney a big hug outside of the courthouse says it all. My family is back on track.”

-Walter T., Yonkers, NY


“Mr. Delaney assisted me on a personal injury case my office had against Con Edison.  Mr. Delaney clearly has a wealth of knowledge in proving damages, and his knowledge of the spine and anatomy was impressive and certainly useful in trial work.  We are now working on another case together, and I frequently seek Mr. Delaney’s opinion regarding case strategy. I would recommend Mr. Delaney very highly as an attorney of experience, knowledge and integrity.”

-Mark Seisel, Esq., White Plains, NY


“Thank you so much for you care and concern… . I had previously worked with several lawyers. You kept me informed every step of the way and answered all of my questions.”

-Lauren D., Middletown, NY


“I was so pleased with your service. You understood my problem, were courteous to all, very knowledgeable of the legal system and efficient in the details. Your entire approach was very professional and you were able to bring my case to the level of justice it deserved. Thank you for a job well done.”

-Leon D., Scarsdale, NY


“A great big heart felt thank you is in order here! You were so professional and I could not have chosen a more qualified lawfirm for a difficult case. Over the many years I was kept well informed throughout my case. Monty, you are truly a master at your craft and it was my pleasure to have dealt with you… thanks so very much. ”

-Frank M., Phoenecia, NY


“Thank you for believing in us and for all that you have done to change our life. Thank you for your support through this difficult journey.”

-The D family, Carmel, NY

” I am an attorney myself and when I was injured, I went to see a “lawyer’s lawyer,”        Montgomery Delaney, He took care of my case quickly and effectively to my great satisfaction. I am proud to be part of a profession that allows me to work with men of his caliber.”

Al G., White Plains, NY